*** October 2023 ***
75 years of Rhein-Getriebe. We are celebrating our anniversary on the factory premises.

*** September 2023 ***
Rhein-Getriebe starts cooperation with PASTEG (Pascal Technikum Grevenbrioch)

*** August 2023 ***
Commissioning of a prototype landing gear

*** July 2023 ***
Software conversion at Rhein-Getriebe. Our new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)  goes live.

*** June 2023 ***
Drawer heroes - a project for social and ecological sustainability. And Rhein-Getriebe collects diligently.

*** May 2023 ***
Company outing to the Bolten brewery, the oldest Altbier brewery in the world

*** April 2023 ***
Reinforcement has arrived: It`s finally here – the new lathe!

*** March 2023 ***
Employees collect for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria

*** February 2023 ***
Audit for certification DIN/ISO 9001/2015

*** January 2023 ***
CIP program launched. As part of the CIP program (Continuous Improvement Process), Rhein-Getriebe is examining all processes in gearbox assembly over the coming months…

*** December 2022 ***
We wish you a blessed and harmonious Christmas with many small joys. Lots of momentum and success for he coming year!

*** November 2022 ***
We are strengthening our recruiting measures and breaking new ground.

*** October 2022 ***
It's getting more and more concrete: Rhein-Getriebe works on the "Carbon Footprint“.

*** August / September 2022 ***
Two jobs in our production remain vacant because we can neither find an CNC cutting machine operator nor a fitter. It is a sad situation!

*** July 2022 ***
On July 2, 1947, two young entrepreneurs founded Rhein-Getriebe. This year we are celebrating our 75th anniversary - if we may!

*** June 2022 ***
An internal working group sets its sights on its new task: protecting the company from flooding.

*** May 2022 ***
We are Sponsor of the AWT-Seminar 2022 in Leipzig. Modernization of our automatic goods transport system for hospitals.

*** April 2022 ***
Rhein-Getriebe goes electric! New charging stations are available for employees and visitors to recharge their batteries.

*** March 2022 ***
Rhein-Getriebe receives Clean Advantage E-Certificate for emission reduction.

*** February 2022 ***

*** January 2022 ***
Our new Shigiya cylindical grinding machine is now in use. The reliable solution for one-off and series production with the highest accuracy.

*** December 2021 ***
We wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2022. Your Rhein-Getriebe-Team

*** November 2021 ***
Rhein-Getriebe participates in the new VDMA project "Carbon Footprint"

*** October 2021 ***
Safety first! To protect the heart of our IT from possible flooding …

*** September 2021 ***
The BUND - Repaircafé took place for the first time at Rhein-Getriebe. From lawn mowers to computers, from miniature electric locomotives to floor lamp …

*** August 2021 ***
Development and construction of a drive unit for fire protection roller doors. Supervision of a bachelor thesis with very good results.

*** July 2021 ***
he new year of apprenticeships begins. We train an industrial clerk and a CNC machining technician.

*** June 2021 ***
Corona vaccination of the workforce. The Rhein-Getriebe employees were vaccinated against COVID-19 just 2 days after the priorization was lifted.

*** May 2021 ***
Rhein-Getriebe takes part in the Trainee Speed Dating campaign. From 01 June to  30 June 2021.

*** April 2021 ***
We search Trainee for Industrial clerk (m/w/d).

*** March 2021 ***
Burger against corona blues. The Burger Truck in front of the Rhein-Getriebe administration building.

*** February 2021 ***
Rhein-Getriebe takes part in the Trainee Speed Dating campaign. 

*** January 2021 ***
The "REACH / RoHS / SCIP" project starts at Rhein-Getriebe.

*** December 2020 ***
The Rhein-Getriebe team wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as well as health and happiness.

*** November 2020 ***
From January 2021 Rhein-Getriebe will make a valuable contribution to climate protection and save 165.760 kg CO2.

*** Oktober 2020 ***
Check-in „Berufswelt“ 2020: Anyone interested in the job of cutting machine operator m/w ist welcome to contact us at any time.

*** September 2020 ***
Supervision of a master's thesis on the topic "Development and Design of a Transaxle Drive for an Electric Vehicle for Internal Logistics".

*** August 2020 ***
Rhein-Getriebe as specialist in goods transport systems in hospitals.

*** July 2020 ***
Rhein-Getriebe participates in the 2020 research and development survey. The „Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft“ honors the research activity with the seal of approval "Innovative through research".

*** June 2020 ***
Rhein-Getriebe takes part in the Trainee Speed Dating campaign

*** May 2020 ***
We continue our training even in times of crisis and are still looking for a trainee to work as a CNC machining technician

*** April 2020 ***
Pandemic: What do we learn?

*** March 2020 ***
Corona protective measures: Meanwhile all areas of life are influenced by the corona infection. Rhein-Getriebe GmbH sees itself as a responsible employer committed to the health of its employees and their families ...

*** February 2020 ***
Audit for certification DIN/ISO 9001/2015

*** January 2020 ***
Rhein-Getriebe has developed an innovative folding door operator with a customer, which was presented at the Perimeter Protection fair in Nuremberg.

*** December 2019 ***
We wish you a merry Christmas and all the best for the new year 2020.

*** November 2019 ***
At last! Our new coffee maker is coming.

*** October 2019 ***
Supervision of a bachelor thesis for the investigation of innovative terror-abatement systems against truck attacks.

*** September 2019 ***
The start of the German marketing campagne “Will your gear be put on ice?”

*** August 2019 ***
Start of the project scheduled for 5 month "sustainability and energy efficiency at our site in Meerbusch".

*** July 2019 ***
Prolongation of the project: "enterprises and employees are creating the digial transformation (KMU - 4.0)" by 1 year.

*** June 2019 ***
Owner change at Rhein-Getriebe

*** April/Mai 2019 ***
Check-in career orientation 2019. Come in and visit Rhein-Getriebe on July 4th, 2019.

*** March 2019 ***

Successful completion of a master thesis with the topic “improvement of setup time.

*** February 2019 ***

With the collaboration of RWTH Aachen a new software for computer-aided assembly instruction has been developped.

*** January 2019 ***

Certificate HSD 2018/2019: We support the Deutschlandstipendium (scholarship Germany) thus sponsoring highly talented and high performing students at the University in Düsseldorf in the scholarship year 2018/2019.

*** December 2018 ***

“Our team would like to thank for the good cooperation and we wish you a merry Christmas and the best for 2019”

*** November 2018 ***

Successful launch of the new CRM Solution

*** September 2018 ***
To optimize the production processes we launch a project with the technical college of Düsseldorf.

*** August 2018 ***
Next training year starts. We are present and train an industrial clerk.

*** July 2018 ***
Commissioning of the new lathe EMCO Hyperturn 665MC Plus.

*** June 2018 ***
Check-in career orientation 2018. Come in and visit Rhein-Getriebe on July 5th, 2018.

*** May 2018 ***
Rhein-Getriebe takes part: Job-Bike-Concept: Riding an e-bike to work and recreation.

*** April 2018 ***
Rhein-Getriebe as participant in the energy efficiency network, Rhein-Ruhr

*** March 2018 ***
The start of the pilot phase of the new CRM program

*** February 2018 ***
Audit for certification DIN/ISO 9001/2015

*** January 2018 ***
Precise measuring technology with our new Klingelnberg

*** December 2017 ***

"We wish you a merry christmas and much success for 2018!"

*** November 2017 ***

inhouse workshop - series: "CIP" continous improvement process with the theme "process and document management between different departments"

*** October 2017 ***
Wei Adams, hockeyplayer from Scottland, is doing a trainee program in mechanical engineering at Rhein-Getriebe. He is playing with the first team of "Düsseldorfer Hockey Club 1905 E.V."

*** August 2017 ***
We are launching an operational learning project industry 4.0 with the topic: transparency for order processing and manufacturing.

*** July 2017 ***
Industry 4.0 automatic tool dispensing system introduced.

*** June 2017 ***
Also this year Rhein-Getriebe will take part in Check-In career orientation 2017. We are looking forward to your active participation.

*** May 2017 ***
Start preparing of certification DIN ISO 9001:2015

*** April 2017 ***

For 70 years gears made in Meerbusch.
More Information on „Read all news“

*** March 2017 ***

To secure future productivity growth and competitiveness. Interview of the research magazine "Orange" of the Dortmund University with Dr. Peter Haag - Head of Development and Construction at Rhein-Getriebe.

*** February 2017 ***

Rhein-Getriebe fits all 40 soccer youth coaches from FC Büderich 02 with jerseys.

*** January 2017 ***

Rhein Getriebe celebrates 70th anniversary with various promotions and events.

*** December 2016 ***

Industry 4.0: Kick-Off - Current research project with RWTH Aachen: Business and employees develop digital transformation (KMU 4.0), sponsored by Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs! Rhein-Getriebe is one of five selected industrial partners.

*** November 2016 ***

On the occasion of the Company event, Rhein-Getriebe will present itself at University Campus Düsseldorf.

*** October 2016 ***

Renewal of our support for Düsseldorf University

*** September 2016 ***

Commissioning of the new lathe EMCO HT 45

*** August 2016 ***

Our longtime managing partner Henno Ermert has passed away at the age of 73 years. We will keep him in honorific memory.

*** July 2016 ***

Rhein-Getriebe supports the objective target of the VDMA: "Europe first".

*** Juni 2016 ***

The English version of our web site is now available.

*** April 2016 ***

Apprentice finds new job at Rhein-Getriebe.
More Information on „Read all news“

*** March 2016 ***

Expansion of sales force: Since 1 April 2016 we have had a new sales agent for the Rhine-Main area. ZweiZETT-Technik (Peter Schmitz), Tel.: +49 (0)6103 807290, info@zweizett-technik.de

*** February 2016 ***
We are looking for sales agencies for the regions Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Switzerland and Austria. For more information click on CAREER / JOBS.

*** January 2016 ***
We wish all our customers and partners a successful new year 2016