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In the fifties we started with drives for doors on trams – Rhein-Getriebe has always been known for its invisible safety designed to serve its customers. „Safety is a necessity in our sector and therefore we have simply turned it into one of our strengths.“ Flexibility, quality, delivery reliability, specialists – these are all strong arguments for more safety, for which we – as specialists for customized gear solutions - are highly valued and well-known. The knowledge about the challenges that are customary in our sector, short development and production cycles, an interdisciplinary expertise and the conviction that product quality is much more than the mere product are features that make our products into customized solutions.

Worm shafts and worm gears are the heart of Rhein Getriebe and are toothed in a specialized technical process in our company. As a specialist for worm gears we are of course the first contact partner for our customers when it comes to the application of gearbox combinations. Each order is unique. None of our products can be compared to another. Therefore we have longstanding and intensive partnerships with companies in electrical engineering, in the mechanical industry as well as in the motor and gear manufacturing. These partnerships additionally ensure a higher flexibility, which is necessary for a solutions provider for all aspects regarding special custom-made gearboxes.

An example: We buy ball bearings, shaft seals, breaks, clutches and lubricants from well-known international partners. After production and inspection of the gears our custom-specific packing ensures optimal transport safety and reusable packaging for environmentally-friendly logistics.


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ISO 9001 certifited

Since 2002, Rhein-Getriebe has been awarded with the ISO 9001 Certificate by TÜV Nord Cert GmbH.

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