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Double Worm gear with two output shafts


Custom gear for cotton processing with a guaranteed service life of 40.000 hours and special seals against penetrating small particles.

  • Textile machine engineering
  • Continous working
  • Two output shafts
  • Seal against lints

Technical Data

Gear unit type Drive power
P1 (kW) P2 (kW)
3665M00133 0,17 -
Gear ratio
i1 i2
812 84,1
Input speed
n1 (1/min) n1 (1/min)
400 -
Output speed
n2 (1/min) n2 (1/min)
2 0,4
Torque at output shaft
T2 (Nm) T2 (Nm)
12,5 130